Rise chose GitBook for their internal knowledge base it helps them scale and iterate their processes.

Rise is an award-winning digital agency that specializes in design and development for large, bespoke web apps, websites and mobile apps. They build digital products for brands like Home Care Assistance, Pet Stop and CAREL.

Kahl Orr, founder of Rise, was so excited about GitBook that he offered to share his experience before and after using our solution.

How did you share knowledge before using GitBook?

Before using GitBook, we were using an outdated intranet with file directories and shared individual documents that slowed us down and confused our team.

Sharing documents with new team mates during onboarding was nearly impossible, and it took forever to document the many websites, apps and API's that we manage. Every time we had to scale up, we had to restructure the entire intranet from scratch.

What made you choose GitBook?

By migrating our entire intranet over to GitBook, things became super easy. As a development-focused agency, we have a heavy bias to version controlling, and we couldn't say "no" once we learned that GitBook is powered by git.

What are the main benefits?

Now, we can easily share our documents by department and team, write beautiful documents quickly, and track who modified what and when.

GitBook has enabled us to scale and iterate our processes quicker than ever with their flexible and idiot-proof platform.

Thanks to Kahl and his team for sharing.