11/2019: Database downtime

Nov 20, 2019

At 11AM CEST (10AM UTC), GitBook experienced 1 hour of downtime. This downtime was caused by a major issue with our cloud database provider (Google Cloud / Firebase).

As soon as our monitoring alerted us at 11AM, our engineering team started investigating the root cause of the issue. User reports and other metrics showed that all project pages were resulting in timeouts.

We quickly isolated the root issue (DB Failure) and reached out to Firebase's engineering team who had already started work on a fix.

Providing a reliable service, that users can count on, is core to our mission. So whenever we fail to deliver on that promise, it's important for us to be transparent and do a post-mortem on the issue.

We're sorry for any inconvenience this downtime may have caused you, we're thankful for your trust and we strive to live up to that trust by delivering an excellent product that you can count on.