06/2020: We are improving our communication during an incidents

June 23rd, 2020

Few weeks ago we had an incident with our domain being blocked by registrar. In our post-mortem we have addressed the cause and the technical steps we are undertaking in order to prevent situations like that from happening again.

We understand that how we communicate to you about any incidents happening is equally important, which is why we are implementing following changes:

  • We have decentralised our status page meaning it is independent from our main domain and will be easily accessible.

  • We have moved to Cloudflare so that we can ensure we have Enterprise SLA and a human support we can contact.

  • Finally, will be providing you with updates every 60 minutes during an incident, and every 30 minutes in case of severe outages.

  • Paid plan members will also be able to contact a dedicated Account Manager, who will take a proactive role in handling the conversation and sharing updates with you.

We continue to improve and we value the feedback you have provided us with so far. If you wish to provide further feedback you can do that by contacting us via Intercom.