Multiple-spaces search: find exactly what you need

May 14, 2019

When writing or reading docs, you sometimes want to find what you need in the twinkling of an eye wherever it’s located. Today we are releasing a new feature: multiple-spaces search.

Take control over your search

We want to provide a more unified experience on GitBook to give faster and easier access to all of your spaces. Until now search was limited to the pages of your current space, now you can search across all the spaces of your organization! With this multiple-spaces search, see the results corresponding to your query in pages or sections from other spaces and easily switch to a result of another space.

Introducing multiple-spaces search

Write down what you need, take a look at results in other spaces, pick the page or section you're interested in and voilà!

The multiple-spaces search is compliant with your team permission settings, meaning that users will only be able to search the content they have permission to access.🤫

Stay tuned for the upcoming releases! And as usual, please feel free to ping us at [email protected] if you have any feedback👋