Better identify your spaces and improve your dashboard readability

Our mission at GitBook is to provide a user-friendly and collaborative product for everyone to use. For us, it is the best way to improve the team's creativity for them to write and share the best ideas 🚀

👩🎤 Help define your ideas with a strong identity

Until now, when creating a space in GitBook its logo automatically defaulted to the one of your organization. This is perfect for public spaces because your knowledge should be shared under your brand's identity , but it is less adequate for private knowledge bases or notes.

When writing a knowledge base with a team or a note to yourself, it's sometimes important to visually represent what you're writing about, it definitely adds more meaning.

Pictures speak more than words, and let's be honest, they are way more attractive! 💅

👓 Improve your dashboard readability

It's not just about meaning, it's also about readability and visibility 🔍 With this new feature allowing you to choose between an emoji and a background color or just a logo, each space is now visually different!

Now find the space you're looking for way easier and start creating great docs faster 😉

We hope you will love this new feature! 👋 Feel free to ping us at [email protected] if you have any feedback or just want to share some love 💕

Stay tuned for the upcoming releases, we are preparing something really cool! 😎