A Unified GitBook Experience

Apr 9, 2019

GitBook provides a home for all your team’s content, everything from notes, product docs, internal team knowledge-bases and more …

One of the main barriers teams face when sharing content is fragmentation, with content living on different tools or platforms, making it harder for teams to find content, make changes and collaborate.

Today we’re releasing GitBook’s “Unified UI”, a first in a series of improvements, to provide a fast unified experience to manage all your content in GitBook.

With this new release, switching between projects is now instantaneous,saving precious time and allowing you to go back-and-forth seamlessly.

What’s New ?

This major release tweaks and improves the entirety of GitBook, but here are some of the key changes:

  • Switching between spaces & teams is instant, no reloads or wait times

  • Creating new projects is faster and smoother

  • Space settings are now easier to access & change (domains, themes, …)

  • You can now customize your header to match your custom branding

Other Changes

In order to achieve this unified experience across projects, we needed to make a few technical changes. Previously each project and the dashboard lived on separate domains, so switching between them required a full app reload.

For authenticated users, everything now happens on app.gitbook.com.

We no longer authenticate users on custom domains, so private custom domains will redirect you to app.gitbook.com and public domains will show your content as it appears to end-users.

For public docs will show your docs as they appear to end-users.

In Action

These improvements are now live in production and available to all users today !

You can test it now by heading to app.gitbook.com:

What’s Next ?

This release lays the foundations for major improvements coming soon:

  • Unified Search: you’ll soon to be able to search across all your projects at once, making it easier to find what you need wherever it’s located

  • GitBook Desktop: so your content is always at your fingertips, whenever you need it

Stay tuned for those upcoming releases and let us know what you think of the Unified UI !