New in GitBook: Better block manipulation and private content

We’ve made it easier to select and manipulate blocks within your content, and added a private area for your drafts and work-in-progress
An illustration showing a mouse cursor dragging two content blocks up within a GitBook space
Over the last few months we’ve been focused on enhancing the editing experience within GitBook, as well as ways to help you better organize your content. We’ve got a lot of improvements in the pipeline, and you can scroll down for a sneak peek at some of our plans.
But the first of these improvements are live right now — starting with the ability to easily select and manipulate blocks, and a space for your private content!

Better block manipulation

We’ve made it easier than ever to select full blocks and manipulate them within your content. Now, you can hit Esc ⎋ to enter block selection mode. This will select the block you were active in, or any blocks you highlighted. You can then hold Shift ⇧ and click to select more blocks, if you want.
When you have the blocks you need, you can drag them around your page, or copy, cut, paste or delete them instantly. It makes manipulating and reorganizing your content faster and easier than ever. Give it a try!
A short GIF showing how to select, cut and paste blocks within GitBook
Hit Esc to select the chosen block (or blocks) — then simply copy, cut or delete it
Block selection is just the first of many more improvements we’re planning on the GitBook editor, some of which will be going live very soon:
  • Full-width blocks, to make tables and images more readable, and allow for more customization
  • Improvements to our most-used block types — including tables, images, lists and hints
  • Performance improvements, to make the interface snappier even on large documents.
We also plan to make block selection even easier — by simply clicking and dragging over multiple blocks. Stay tuned!

A private area for your drafts and ideas

As well as new ways to organize your content on individual pages, we’ve also added a new private area for your work-in-progress, drafts, and ideas you’re not quite ready to share. This lives right inside your organization, so you no longer need to create a whole new organization just for work you want to keep to yourself.
A zoomed-in screenshot showing the Private section at the top of the GitBook sidebar
You’ll find the new Private section at the top of the sidebar
This feature is still in its early stages, but in the coming months we plan to add some other useful features:
  • The option to easily move content between your private area and your shared team area
  • Support for private collections and an improved sidebar to make organizing private content easier

One more thing…

Today we’ve also launched the GitBook Library — a collection of the best content from across our community. In it, you’ll find great examples of guides, documentation, company handbooks and more, with plenty of invaluable reference materials.
It’s a great collection, and we want to make it better. So if you have some content you want us to include in the Library, submit it now! Ultimately we want it to become an essential hub, collecting incredible knowledge from across the internet for everyone to use.
So please share you work with us — we’d love to see what you’ve created and include it in the Library!

Tell us what you think

We wanted to get these features into your hands now, but we know there’s still a little work to do to make them really great. We’ll have more to share on these updates very soon, but if you have any feedback in the meantime, please let us know in our GitHub community.
For now, stay tuned — and happy editing! ✍