Samy and Sara share some exciting changes to our company’s leadership

We’re excited to share that Sara Tandowsky is stepping up to become CEO, while Samy Pessé moves into the role of CTO to focus on our product
Today we’re sharing some exciting changes to our leadership team that will set GitBook up for even greater success in the future. Here’s Samy Pessé and Sara Tandowsky to tell you more.
Hey everyone
Today, we’re excited to tell you about some changes to GitBook’s leadership. We’ve been planning this for a while, and these changes are going to help us focus even more on building an amazing product for all of you. We have a lot on our roadmap, and this change will set us up for success.
Firstly, Samy will be moving into the role of CTO, so he can dedicate more of his time to what he loves most; the product, and the technology behind it. He’ll continue to lead the Engineering team, as he does today, staying committed to the long-term vision of the company. We have a lot to build — on both the technical and product sides — and giving him time more time to focus on those things will only be a good thing for GitBook.
Meanwhile, Sara is stepping up to become CEO of GitBook. Since she joined the team early last year as COO we’ve put an even greater focus on product, and defined our roadmap to give all of you exactly the tools you need to create and collaborate on amazing documentation.
We’ve been planning this move for some time — since before Sara even joined the team, in fact. From her first day, we’ve been working together closely to steer the company. And of course, that will continue going forward!
The great news is, we’ll be backed-up by an incredible leadership team, with a focus on building an amazing company alongside our amazing product. We’ll continue developing company-wide initiatives, making sure we’re working on the right things for everyone who uses GitBook.
Finally, we wanted to close on something very fitting in light of International Women’s Day tomorrow. We’re incredibly proud to work for a company where we can see diversity at all levels. Not only is our leadership team 60% women, but across the whole team at GitBook the split of men and women is really close to 50/50.
This is a really special team, company, and product. We can’t wait to lead them into the future together!
Sara and Samy
Sara and Samy